lundi 6 août 2018

SUPER Mario Maker Free Download

SUPER Mario Maker  is developed by NINTENDO STUDIOS and published by KITATUS STUDIOS. It was released in 22 Jul, 2015.
“SUPER Mario Maker” is a hard-as-nails (Seriously, Who comes up with these idioms?) 2D platformer in the style of retro games such as Megaman, Super Mario Bros 2: The Lost Levels and other such rage-inducing classics. Taking “Difficult gameplay” to a whole new level – SUPER DISTRO is not for the faint-of-heart. You will die again and again. The weak need not apply – Only those who are determined to overcome impossible odds will find victory here and those are the rules of the land in SUPER DISTRO.
In the words of a certain sour-tasting character from a popular television show: “We’ve have it all!”
“SUPER DISTRO” is hopefully unlike anything you’ve ever played before (We promise that’s a good thing!) – Taking familiar staples of excellent games of yesteryear and throwing bucketloads of creativity and innovation (And wall-punching difficulty!) on top; You’ll be delighted with the result! Everything has been loving handcrafted by a single guy (With a little help from his friends!) to make sure SUPER DISTRO a stupidly enjoyable, Yet rage-inducing experience.

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